Covid Examination Flow In PureEHR

Covid Examination Flow In PureEHR

Accessing COVID Examination Form

  1. Open Office Management under Settings Menu.

  1. There are two ways to access the form for COVID Examination

  • Using LINK

  1. Now click on the Click to Copy button as shown below.

  1. The link for the Covid exam form is now copied to the clipboard. The User can paste it into the other browser and then the COVID Examination form can be accessed.

  • Using QR code

  1. To share Covid QR Code Click on the QR code icon and Select Covid Exam Form as shown below.

  1. Click on the Click to Download button, to download the QR Code. After downloading the QR Code, users can share the QR. 

  1. Covid Form will be shown as under.

  1. The patient will fill in the information like First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, DOB, Email Address, Cell Phone, Gender Address, Country, Zipcode, State & City(will be populated automatically on adding Zip Code), Driver’s License Number, Driver’s License Expiry Date.

  2. To upload a driving license click the button Click to upload ID button as shown below. Capture the image using the rear camera of your system.


  1. The patient will have to select the Reason for testing Covid as shown below.

  1. The patients will select the Test they want to go with.

  1. The final Payable amount will be auto-calculated at the bottom in a Green font as shown in the above image.

  1. Now the patient will have to add their Credit Card details to pay the billable amount. 

  1. Then the patient will have to check the Acknowledge and Authorization to Test

  1. When the patient clicks on the Save button, a token will be shown.Later, patients have to provide this token to the medical staff.

  1. An SMS will also be received by the patient on their registered cell number which will contain the token number.  

  2. If the patient who submitted the form is not registered to PureEHR, then a new patient will be created. And if the patient is already registered to PureEHR, then the information which the patient entered will be updated. 

  3. POS will be created in the Patient’s billing for the Paid Amount.

Accessing the Covid Examination Report

  1. To Access the Covid Examination Report go to Covid Examination under Report Menu. 

Search For The Patient In Covid Examination Report

  1. Search for a patient from the Search box by entering the patient’s name or token number.

  1. The patient details can be seen as shown below.

  1. If the specimen collection of the patient is completed, then the user has to check the Is Specimen Collected? checkbox as shown below. 

  1. After the Is Specimen Collected? checkbox is clicked, Result column will be active as shown below. Now the user has to select the result of the specimen collection. 

  1. To view the report, click on the View Report icon as shown below.

  1. After clicking on the View Report icon, the report can be seen as shown below. 

  1. To send the report, click on the email report icon as shown below. The report will be mailed to the patient’s registered email address. 

  1. Once the report is sent to the patient, the email report icon will turn green as shown below.

Refund The Billing Amount

  1. To refund the billing amount, click on the Refund Request? Checkbox as shown below. POS Link can be seen only after the Refund Request? is checked. 

  1. To refund the amount, click on the POS button and the user will be redirected to the POS billing. 

  1. The user can make Refund In POS by clicking on the Refund icon.

  1. After the patient is refunded successfully, the Refunded label will be shown under the POS Link column as shown below. 

Sharing Link Of The COVID Examination Form Directly From the COVID Examination Report.

  1. The covid exam form link can also be shared by clicking on the Add Patient Link button as shown below.

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