How to Add a New Patient in PureEHR

How To Add A New Patient In PureEHR?

Ways to Add a New Patient

  1. A patient can be added from the patient chart as shown below.

  1. A patient can also be added to the Patient List by clicking on the +New Patient from the top right corner as shown below.

  1. To add a patient, go to the Patient from the main menu. Click on Add Patient tab.  

Adding Patient’s Primary Information

  1. After clicking on Add Patient, you will be asked to enter the Primary Information of the patient as shown below. 

  2. Select the Primary Provider and Status from the dropdown as shown below.

  1. Select the CRM Pipeline list, CRM Prospect Status, and Health Status as shown below.

  1. Enter the Title, First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name as shown below. 

  1. Enter the Previous/Birth Name, Suffix, and Patient Chart Photo as shown below. 

  1. Enter the Home Number, Cell Phone, Office Phone, Email, and Alternate Email as shown below. 

If you want to use the same email address for multiple patients then check the Allow Duplicate Email checkbox. 

  1. Select the Preferred Communication, Medication History Consent, Default Visit Profile, and Wellness Coordinator as shown below. Now click on the Save & Next button. 

Adding Patient’s Demographic Information

  1. Enter Patient SSN, Patient DOB, and Approx Age as shown below.

  1. Select Gender, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Race, Granularity, Additional Race, Additional Granularity, Ethnicity, Ethnicity Granularity, Additional Ethnicity, and Additional Ethnicity Granularity as shown below. 

  1. Select Preferred Language and Patient Employment Status as shown below. 

  1. Enter Address, Zipcode, City, State, and Country as shown below. 

NOTE: city and state will be auto-populated on entering zip code. The country is set to default as the United States. 

  1. Select Patient Marital Status, EPSDT Services, and EPSDT Referral Condition as shown below. 

  1. Enter Emergency Contact Name, Emergency Contact Phone, and Emergency Contact Relation as shown below. 

  1. Select Referring Provider ID and Ordering Provider ID as shown below. 

To add a new referring or ordering provider, click on the +New Contact button. Enter all the details and then click on the Save button as shown below. 

  1. Enter the Patient’s Drivers License as shown below. 

  1. Enter Responsible party details as shown below. 

  1. Enter Previous Address details as shown below and click on the Save button.

  1. Your patient is created successfully. 


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