How To Use Telehealth Functionality Of PureEHR?

How To Use Telehealth Functionality Of PureEHR?

Generate And Share A LINK Or QR Code For The Telehealth Registration

There are two ways to generate and share a LINK or QR code with the patients.

  1. Using Link

  • Go to Setting from the main menu and then click on the Office Management tab as shown below. 

  • Click on the Share URL button. And then click on the Link for telehealth tab under the Actions column as shown below. 

  • A link for that particular office will be generated as shown below. Copy the link and share it with the Patient.

  1. Using QR code

  • Click on the Share QR code dropdown to open the QR code for telehealth and then select QR for telehealth as shown below. 

  • QR code for that particular office will be displayed as shown below. Users can also download the QR code by clicking on the Click to Download button.

Filling Up The Telehealth Form By The Patient

  1. After the patient scans the QR code or Link, a telehealth registration form will be opened. The patient has to select Telehealth Appointment Date and Telehealth Appointment Time from the telehealth registration form as shown below. 

  1. The patient has to click on the Save button after filling up the entire form as shown below. 

See Scheduled Appointments In The Calendar

  1. The time and date selected by the patient for scheduling a telehealth appointment will be reflected in the calendar for the provider(Appointment > Calendar) of PureEHR as shown below.

Joining A Telehealth Call

  1. When the patient will fill out the form, an email and SMS will be sent to the patient’s registered email address and phone number regarding the scheduling of the appointment.

  2. If the provider wishes to confirm the appointment, he or she will click the CONFIRM APPT button, as shown below.

  3. After the provider confirms an appointment, the patient will receive a confirmation email and an SMS with meeting link information.

NOTE: If the patient does not receive the SMS or email confirmation, the provider can click the RESEND CONFIRMATION button, as shown below. This will resend appointment confirmation emails and SMS to the patient. 

  1. An email and SMS will be sent to the patient’s registered email address and phone number regarding the confirmation of the scheduled appointment with the patient. 

  2. Now the provider will join the telehealth call by clicking on the Join Call button and will be redirected to the screen where the provider can see the meeting ID of the room and the provider's name as shown below. Click on the Join Call button to enter the meeting. 

  1. Simultaneously, the patient will join the meeting via the SMS/email confirmation that the provider sent when he/she clicked the CONFIRM APPT button. 

  2. The patient has to enter his/her name and then have to click on the Join Call button. 

  3. Now, when both the provider and patient are present in the meeting, the provider will view the following screen.

  1. The patient will see the following screen. 

  1. Now the provider can see the information of the patient which they entered during filling out the telehealth registration form.  

  1. Now the provider can add the clinical note for that particular patient and will have the functionality to sign and lock the note. The provider can also preview and unlock the clinical note. 

  1. The insurance documents provided by the patient while filling out the form can be seen after the clinical not.

  1. If the insurance documents are not visible, the provider must click the No option, as seen in the image below. In addition, the provider must click the Yes button if the insurance documents are visible. 

  2. Once when the provider clicks on the Leave button, he/she will get a popup indicating whether he wants to leave the meeting. Click on the OK button, then the meeting will be over.

Appointment Dashboard For Telehealth

  1. Once the meeting is ended, the status of the appointment will be changed from Confirmed to Completed. 

  2. The patient will receive an email/SMS regarding the completion of the appointment. 

  • If the provider clicked No during the meeting, indicating that the insurance image was not visible, the provider can retake the images via the Appointment Status Dashboard (Appointment > Appointment Dashboard), as seen below.

  • One has to select the date from the Appointment Date Range and Appointment Status to filter out the desired results. 

  • Now click on the Ins. Docs. button as shown below to retake the insurance documents. 

  • Now fill in the details and then click on the Upload button as shown below. 

  • Now click on the Close button to close the popup. 

  1. Once the appointment is completed, the provider will send it for specimen collection. Once the specimen is collected, the provider can change the status from Completed to Specimen Collected. The status can be changed from the Calendar or Appointment Status Dashboard. 

  2. Now select the patients for which you want to change the status. Now select the appointment status from the dropdown shown below. 

  1. Select the status which you want to change and click on the Update button. And the statues will be updated successfully.

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