Use Of PurePORTAL ( For Provider)

Use Of PurePORTAL ( For Provider)

Patient portals provide the ability for patients to have 24-hour access to connect with their provider by reviewing patient health information (PHI), asking and answering questions, and reviewing notes, making the patient-physician relationship closer than ever. 

Pure Portal or Pure Patient Portal is a separate part of PureEHR especially Made for patients. Pure Portal is a bridge between Patient and Provider. Patients can communicate with providers through Pure Portal. Patients can access their information of clinical data , labs, medication, appointments, and many more healthcare related information from Patient Portal. 

Providers also communicate their patients through Patient Portal. It is a secure system for message services, documents sharing, Appointment scheduling, reminders etc. 

Pure Portal helps patients to keep track of their health care, and medicine.

To know the use of Pure Portal follow given guidelines.

  • In order to use Pure Portal Providers have to enable the access for the patient to use Pure Portal.

  1. Firstly open a Patient Chart by either searching a patient in the Search Box situated at the top right side on screen or from the Patient List in patient at the top left side on screen. 

  2. Now click on Pure Portal  situated in the left side menu.

  1. Now click on the “Enable PurePORTAL Access”  button situated right side underneath the +Appointment Button to give access to PurePORTAL to a particular patient. 

Once it is enabled by the Provider, the patient will receive an Email for account setup in PurePortal.

After the patient creates the account it is ready for the use now the provider can communicate with their patient through PurePortal. 

Function for provider i) Message service ii) Document sharing

  1. Received message will appear in Notification at the top right side of the screen beside the Provider Name as shown below.

By clicking the Notification Icon it will default open a message and beside that you can see Notifications.

  1. Now to reply to the received message click on Reply button.


  1. Type in the message in the text box and click on the Send button.

  1. To share documents from Pure EHR to Pure Portal. Go to document select the document and click on the “Send to PurePortal”


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